A team of young scientists with a common philosophy and principles of approaching an ailing patient, through our many years of experience in the field of physical rehabilitation, we diagnosed very early on the value of manual therapy.

In view of this we have dedicated our academic studies of this theory to scientists of international value and recognition, with a view to the holistic evaluation of the individual.

The Manual Therapy Centre (MTS Centre) emerged through the need for effective treatment, prevention and improvement in health of the spirit and appearance of everyhuman being. It is about the application and promotion of a manual therapy system.

This system (Manual Therapy System), based on the therapeutic value of the hand is founded on the Hippocratic principles which were maintained over centuries by our ancestors (Asia Minor Trapezounta), in the scientific knowledge of Osteopathy - Chiropractic, Podiatry, Herbal therapy and Body Detoxification (Colon Hydrotherapy).

The manual therapy system is based on the correct clinical evaluation and for this reason uses the Manual TherAPPist application. This is a worldwide innovation in the field of clinical evaluation, inspired by a scientific partner of the MTS centre, it is based on an approach centred on the human being and aimed at helping the therapist to record information.

The manual therapy system includes:

  • Mikrasiatiki Trapezountios: It is the main axis of the system and its goal is to open up the microcirculation and restore the temperature of the individual in synergy with God.
  • Osteopathy - The par excellence science that deals with man as a whole.
  • Ackermann Chiropractic: The most effective method of immediate correction of chronic and acute problems of the spinal column,vertebrae and joints, through specific adjustments.
  • Podiatry: the scientific profession of studying, treating and restoring foot disorders and conditions.
  • Colon hydrotherapy: the ultimate detoxification method of the colon (large intestine) and indirectly all the illnesses and conditions which arise from it in the body.
  • Bioresonance: The need for use of the most modern technology achieving the identification, detection and treatment of non-visible dysfunctions as well as pathogenic and microbial infections, diseases and food intolerances.
  • Dietetics: taking into account the proverb that “we are what we eat”; correct nutrition gives a significant boost to the therapeutic result of manual therapy.
  • Herbal Therapy: It is a factor of the natural internal strengthening of our body; balancing bodily fluids and body temperature, in the event of possible imbalances.
  • Mud Therapy - The greatest, most natural method of dealing with various skin and non-skin ailments, targeting the rejuvenation, revitalization and correct functioning of the body.
  • Detoxification - Detoxification programmes are based on a consultation and personal evaluation, resulting in the most natural process of removing accumulated toxins from the body.
  • Therapeutic exercises - This is an individualized, personalized learning programme, applying exercises based on the method of Clinical Pilates and Kinetic Control-Movement Dysfunction, it aims to relieve musculoskeletal and movement dysfunctions.

Based on a holistic evaluation through Bioresonance (Asyra), we provide a wide variety of rejuvenating techniques (Herbal Therapy and Hippocratic Nutrition) supported by western medicine. Inspired by ancient Greek philosophy and Orthodox Theology, the manual therapy systems’ goal is to help you achieve mental and physical transformation (MeTamorphosiS).

The above information, services and products do not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. The staff of the MTS centre are involved in the complementary, alternative and holistic treatment of the patient. The centre's policy does NOT diagnose, prescribe any medication or formulations, and therefore does not intervene in any medical treatment that the patient may be having.

Based on a holistic assessment, the patient is informed of the treatment or possible side-effects of their treatment and gives their consent.




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