Fundamental element of MTS’s philosophy stands the proper attire where its goal is the maintenance of homeostasis of the organism and the ideal temperature, through the avoidance of the exterior cold circulation into the organism.
In these contexts, main axis of attire is the woolen clothing.
The cold currents are considered both in traditional Chinese Medicine and in Hippocratic philosophy to be the greatest enemy of the human. The constantly exposure of the human to these immobilizes the temperature’s sensory receptors of the skin and disables the sweat glands affecting the body’s natural thermostat; the Hypothalamus; that on its turn, stops transmitting the appropriate stimuli in both vasomotor center for the increase in body’s temperature and in the sweat glands for the stabilization of the temperature. Maintaining like this both the skin’s temperature and the temperature of the body’s core in low levels.
The Philosophy of MTS, as a genuine mixture of ancient Greek Philosophy and Orthodox philosophy, declares the resurgence of the modern human as a strict precondition for the restoration of the lost health. In the ancient Greek Philosophy is established the temperature as the major principle for treatment, for example the word iatric (doctor) came from the verb ieno (treat) that means warm, smooth from the heat. As at the same time, the verb iaome means treat. Words which derive from Ia: meaning the rays- beams of Helios Apollon that warm the people. As a genuine exponent of Orthodox theology, Saint Gregory Nisus in his book mentioned: “to those who stop living along with the end of hating where exist in nature, this which is decayed, is getting cold for that raison we ascribe the reason of life to the heat as well, because without it, necrosis will follow.”
The woolen of the Body
The wool is maybe the only material which maintains the internal temperature of the body; keeps us warm during winter and cools us during summer. The pores that the shaggy texture of the wool has, are harmonized with the pores of the skin in a way that don’t block but instead help the process of perspiration. So, it has the ability to maintain the humidity so the body is able to breath in every occasion.  For this exact reason, we don’t feel sweaty when we use woolen undershirts and we can continue for hour our work without the danger of getting cold in winter or feeling discomfort in summer.
From our Practical experience in the field of manual therapy, the woolen undershirt doesn’t only serve us as an alley in the restoration of any disease, but contribute as well in the maintenance of the results of our therapeutic interference. Its dynamic is of a such length that many time with its use decreases by itself the pain at a rate of 20% in acute and chronic diseases.
In conclusion, the woolen undershirt doesn’t consist to us to be only a proof of our ancestors’ wisdom as far as concern the well-being but a continuous challenge to reawake our fellow human in the effort to restore and maintain our good health.




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