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Fresh Fruits and vegetables, pulses, cereals, nuts, flour, pasta, sauces, no gluten products, muesli, various wafers, biscuits, sugar-free jams, honey, various sweeteners, many herbs, dairy Products, vegetable milk, bread, canned, frozen products, various therapeutic oils, stationery, cosmetics, ecological cleaners, nutritional supplements, super foods, books to get informed, essential oils etc

Organic Products

Organic products are the result of farming the earth without using chemical fertilizers,  and toxic pesticides. The fight against the diseases of the plants and the fertilizing of the ground are taking place with natural methods and organic supplies. The farming of biological is based on the knowledge of the traditional farmer and on the scientific research for healthy solutions. In bilogical livestock no antibiotics and hormons are used at all.

Toxic substances are gathering in the conventional food and through the food they are entering our organism. Organic products contain about 20-30% less water in their composition, higher percentages of proteins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. They also not contain preservatives, taste improvers, artificial colors and flavors. The natural way of production is helping them having much better taste and essence than the corresponding conventionals.

The reliability of organic products is based on a strict control system and certification which is described in European Union's llaws 2092/91 and 1804/99 and every biofarmer is obliged to apply them. According to this system, a producer is being controlled in all production phases and up until the disposal. Agriculturists are performing tests in farms, while special analysis during farming, harvesting and standardization, are certifying that all mandatory rules are abided. To characterize a product as organic, is must be the output of organic farming at least for three years and to have the appropriate sign on the package, which is the name of the organism and the certification code. Of course in organic farming and livestock, the use of genetically altered materials is prohibited.

You will find us at Aniforaki area in Ermoupoli, 51 Stamatiou Proiou str.

Tel: 22810 80747






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