More and more women are trying out mud therapy as the modern “medicine” that not only helps with body pain but also offers youthfulness to the skin. After an hour of mud therapy in a spa and the mud treatment will make your body feel renewed and relaxed. For that reason, mainly women aged between 30 and 45 years prefer this treatment. A tester is enough to convince you...

As a feeling, it is wonderful. A combination of caressing, massage, scrub, wrapping, and all this with a rotation of various products all over us for a complete makeover

Alternatively, you can buy the products and try them in the comfort of your own home. A great idea for a couple to spice up their relationship.

The process of mud therapy

The first picture that comes to mind on hearing about the treatment is an area full of mud and awful atmosphere. However, the real image of mud therapy contains massage, peeling, mud mask, special gelatin wrapping and body butter. In other words, relaxation without limits! Generally, mud therapy is recommended before summer and exposure to the sun, so it is best to try it out shortly after spring. The mud has the potential to moisturize and nourish our body while at the same time removing dead cells off our skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, except for those with thin skin; a thick grain is used in the peeling process to avoid injuries, while oil scrub is applied to tougher skin. In particular, after cleansing the body, the mud is poured and spread over the body which is then wrapped up, resulting in all the beneficial elements penetrating the pores of the skin. Towards the end of the treatment, body butter, olive oil, coconut, avocado, shea butter are spread all over the body and Dead Sea water which is specific for antisepsis and hyperaemia. An average price for a mud treatment is 60 euros.

The “pluses” of mud on our body

In addition to wellness and relaxation of the whole body, mud treatment “promises” to fight against muscular pains, especially if the mud has been warmed up before in a Bain Marie. At the same time, it helps with acne, a series of dermatoses, eczema, rheumatism and soothes inflammation, as the mud contains fireclay, calcium, sulphur and zinc. Many women, however, prefer it through a wide variety of therapies, precisely because it eliminates toxins and strengthens the immune system.

In addition, the mud has the ability to regulate oiliness, balancing the skin. If the skin is oily, the mud is left on the skin for a longer time, and if it is dehydrated, it offers hydration in just 15 minutes. The result is nothing but silky, bright and clean skin! Its components are rich in trace elements and minerals that can, after a few sessions, “build” healthier tissues in our bodies.





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