Colon hydrotherapy is a method of internal cleansing from toxic content and mucus plaques of fungi that weaken the body and affect the overall functioning of it. Colorectal hydrotherapy is not an unknown method of treatment. Just the opposite, it has started as a method of healing from 1500 BC to Egypt in the form of an enema, as in ancient Greece, where Hippocrates stressed the importance of a clean intestine. The therapeutic value of hydrotherapy is widely recognized in Europe and in North America. It has been a therapeutic tool in various clinics and hospitals since 1920, but also in some universities. Recent research has shown it to be the best and safest preparation for the colonoscopy process. It is also an effective tool in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Recent research by Dr. Edwart, published on his official website in 2015, has linked unbalanced nutrition to the rise in obesity even in young people, resulting in the appearance of various digestive dysfunctions. Typically, it is reported that bad digestion leads to the appearance of constipation but also the opposite. The result of this two-way process is the reduced absorption of nutrients from foods and the binding of minerals and vitamins. So, the body loses its vitality and the immune system is under-functioning.

Another issue that arises due to poor diet is that the pH of the digestive system tends to waiver towards acidic levels, causing collapse of the entire body. Shelagh Braley discovered this in 2009. Due to the ph imbalance, the accumulation of toxic waste in the large intestine and the excessive growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the intestinal mucous the body becomes vulnerable to infections and inflammation resulting in weakness and inability to cope with them Indicative examples of this are people living in a nursing home who suffered from urinary tract infections due to intestinal dysfunction.

Specific research suggests that the removal of accumulated toxic waste from the colon via hydrotherapy provides the necessary alkalization needed for the body to remain healthy. It balances the bacterial concentration and stimulates the immune system. Additional benefits of the beneficial properties of hydrotherapy are mentioned in a study by the hydro therapist Carla Roter that hydrotherapy achieves maximum body detoxification while activating the muscular tone of the colon by minimizing all intestinal problems and digestive conditions.

In 2004, a study published in the Hebei Medical Journal found that colon hydrotherapy was a new method of cleansing the intestine by preparing it for the colonoscopy process at the same time.

This led to the gastroenterologists at Danbury Hospital, U.S.A, to introduce colon hydrotherapy as the necessary means for colonoscopy preparation, whilst at the same time reducing the use of laxatives. After asking all patients the same question about their opinion and experience, they responded that the procedure was very pleasant and familiar as they did not have the undesirable side effects of laxatives including intense diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and excessive exhaustion. Danbury Hospital chiefs, in a press release, have confirmed that they are the first hospital to have available to them this excellent preparation tool. While in 2006 the gastroenterologist Dr. Joseph Fiorito presented at his annual conference on gastroenterology his research on hydrotherapy. The results are summarized below: hydrotherapy is the best alternative for colonoscopy preparation comparing it to the former procedure of taking laxatives and fasting. It was confirmed that the number of successful and complete colonoscopies was almost 98%.

After Danbury Hospital, this preparation was adopted in 2011 by the Barton Memorial Hospital after realising the effectiveness of this particular procedure.

On the Dotolo official website a clinical trial was published of 690 patients which was done over three years between August 2000 and April 2003. The sample comprised of individuals aged between 27 and 76 years. Most experienced constipation problems while a very small percentage had severe diarrhoea. By having hydrotherapy, the colonoscopy process was much easier, and at the same time it solved the problems of constipation and diarrhoea. In this particular trial, it is stated that hydrotherapy is an excellent means of preparation also for diabetic patients since they cannot follow the conventional preparation method using fasting.

The findings of the research cover a wide range of diseases and digestive problems in which hydrotherapy can help with very good results. It is also an excellent means of colonoscopy preparation without the undesirable side effects of using laxatives.

In conclusion, colon hydrotherapy is a rising and rapidly evolving treatment. Research until now has been made by gastroenterologists based on the results of patients undergoing this method of cleansing either for the colonoscopy procedure or for the resolution of the digestive-intestinal problems they were experiencing. However, large research centres and hospitals in the U.S.A are systematically studying and investigating the reaction and effectiveness of this method in various conditions and disorders of the human body, with the first findings of the research being highly positive.




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