Herbal Therapy

Since the appearance of man on earth we can say that the use of herbs dates back for the treatment of various diseases.

A disease is defined by the disorder of the normal bodily function due to the influence of external and internal damaging factors. The onset of the disease is due, on one hand, to the intensity of the harmful elements and on the other hand, to the condition of the body’s immunity system.

If a person is ill they should follow a specific diet that will help in their treatment and alter their lifestyle accordingly. This is because –according to Hippocrates– “If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.”

Herbs have always been a strong ally of man to improve his health and in the treatment of diseases. Herbs are flowers, fruits, pods roots or leaves of plants and trees as nature provides them. Each part of a plant (leaves, root, etc.) has different healing properties. Correct preparation is vital to them not losing their effectiveness (e.g. due to excessive or insufficient boiling).

Herbs are also used in creams or ointments for therapeutic and aesthetic use.

The knowledge of herbal properties and their preparation methods goes back to ancient times and has been enriched over the centuries through many generations of experience. It was the main method of treating patients for many years until the discovery of conventional medicine.

Science and the medical world invested a lot into the use of conventional drugs and as a result interest in herbal medicine decreased. Today, after nearly 50 years of use of synthetic drugs, people now recognize that they solve the problems of a large number of illnesses but at the same time they have to deal with unwanted side effects they may cause to the body. This is how the interest in herbal therapy was revived again.

Today, the hope that nature itself can offer treatment for any illness affecting man gives the strength and hope to thousands of scientists and researchers to continue their efforts of studying herbs and their healing properties with a view to man and health maintenance.





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Diseases for which herbal therapy is recommended:

>Kidney stones
>Diabetes (non-insulin, Type 2)
>Increased Uric acid
>Menstruation problems
>Vaginal fungal infections (Thrush)
>Chronic cough
>Increased triglycerides level
>Erectile dysfunction
>Strengthening of the Immune system
>Concentration and Reading
>Menopausal symptoms
>Gastro-esophageal reflux disease
>Neck pain
>Back pain
>Lower limb pain
>Fungal nail infection
>Urinary tract infection
>Chronic otitis
>Thyroid (only if not on medication)

Mr. Phillipos Kouvatsos, clinical Dietician-Nutritionist, was a guest on the talk show “Dia..Gnosis” presented by Mrs. Sophia Iliopoulou on Star channel, where he talked about Herbal Therapy and diseases to which it applies.







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