Lihadonisia is located on the northwestern side of Evia, between the Maliakos and North Evian gulf, it is on the peninsula of the ancient Cape Kineio, opposite the settlement of Kavo. Closely situated opposite is Cape Knimida, Fthiotida.

A breath away from Lihada of Northern Evia and opposite Kamena Vourla, the area keeps well-hidden its precious secret ... The lush, green islands of Lihadonisia with its endless blue waters and easily rivalling the beauty of the Caribbean!

The coast of Kavos in Northern Evia is getting out of hand, our tour boat is approaching Lihadonisia and we are thinking, why are so many people looking for exotic colours travelling to the ends of the earth? Paradise is much closer. The cluster of islands is a creation of volcanic energy and is a single volcano formation. The largest island of the complex is called Manolia, is verdant and there is a beach with bluey-green sea and a well-organized beach bar.

The tour continues with the impressive visit to a shipwreck to the west of the island, within a series of reefs and becomes visible without diving equipment, as it is only 6 metres away. One of the most pleasant surprises withinthe nearby area is the presence of a cute family of seals, which for several years now have chosen Lihanodissia as their home. They make frequent daily appearances and pose impressively for professional photographers.

The journey across the water continues by coming across Strongyli, dominated by the Lighthouse and around it scattered ruins of the Holy Monastery of the 12th century AD, where Saint Gregory of Myrovlitis practiced. The beautiful, life-filled stories of Greek mythology have stigmatized our region Lihadonisia, whose, name is thought to have originated from Hercules’s servant Liha.

The myth talks of how Hercules wife, Deianira thinking she was being deceived by her husband, sent him a poisoned caftan with Liha Suffering in pain, Hercules grabbed the unlucky Liha and hurled him towards the sea. His remains were scattered around Cape Kineio, where Neptune transformed them into small islets.

Nowadays the islets of Lihadonisia, are an ideal destination for one-day excursions and explorations.






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