The Lamia Municipal Music School was founded in 1938 as a branch of Athens National Music School, with the first Managing Director being the great composer Manolis Kalomiris, and is the fifth in series of foundations in Greece. In 1959, Alexander Ainian took over the management of the Music School, significantly upgrading it, especially with the promotion of the Lamia Municipal Choir, which won awards and distinctions in Europe.

In 1982, after a period of recession, the Municipality of Lamia in its efforts to promote cultural events in the city, it strengthened both morally and financially Lamia Music school resulting in its expansion and qualitative growth. Its upward trend is evident today by the high level of studies offered by the 46 distinguished music professors to the large number of their students.

The Music schools’ successful achievement of its goals supports the responsibility, ability and expertise of its associates, who convey their knowledge and love for music to their pupils. The result of these efforts is the development of many schools - awarding of diplomas from committees composed of high-profile artistic personalities - the participation of students and graduates in Panhellenic and international competitions with great success (awards, honours and distinctions) - the creation of many musical ensembles: Symphony Orchestra, String Instrument Orchestra, Students Symphony Orchestra, Children's Choir, Youth Choir, Popular Orchestra and Percussion group.

The Mixed Municipal Choir of Lamia Music School has a rich artistic movement with concerts in Greece and abroad. The music school provides a broad range of musical studies, covering the teaching of all organs (classical and traditional), Superior Theoretical and compositions, Solo, Byzantine Music and Music Premiere.

Events in the history of Lamia Music School in recent years:

  • The appearance of the Symphony Orchestra at the Athens Concert Hall (Friends of Music Hall) in May 1998.
  • It was awarded by the Union of Greek Theatre and Music Critics as recognition of its rich artistic and educational contribution on a national level in November 2000 at the Athens Concert Hall.
  • The establishment of the cultural institution “Opening of Music in the City” since 1999.
  • The institutionalization of the annual “Choir Festival” since 2000, which hosts choirs from all over Greece and abroad, of importance for their artistic talent.

Lamia Music School has as its main priority cooperation with local bodies of arts and literature, the public approach with events and appearances in various areas of the town, with support from social contributions, working with societies through social intervention. The educational work of the Music School is supported by seminars from lecturers and artists of world-recognition throughout the range of its activities.

Lamia Music School Is a Legal Entity of Public Law. Run by a 9-member Council and chaired by the Mayor of Lamia.







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