The term “detoxification” is quite popular nowadays. But what is the actual meaning of it? Also, the most important thing of all, how is a body led to toxification and in particular into self-toxicity?

Every day the body is bombarded with many harmful substances. Modern unhealthy lifestyles, inadequate nutrition and the unaccountable use of antibiotics and various drugs, are the main causes of toxicity, which begin in the large intestine. Continuous disorders of the intestinal function (constipation, diarrhoea) and increased time of food passing through the intestine are likely to lead to intestinal toxicity. In the above-mentioned situation, the normal gut flora is replaced by harmful bacteria, which have the ability to increase the toxin levels, from further decomposition and fermentation of the intestinal content. Thus, intestinal toxicity is a process that is caused by either a particular type of diet or colon dysfunction and is suspected to be the cause of many disorders and diseases of the human body.

Intestinal dysfunction also affects the other organs of the body through self-toxicity, where the body absorbs large amounts of its own toxic waste. The toxin absorption occurs in two ways: either the liver is malfunctioning (due to illness), so as the toxin can escape from the detoxification process, either the liver is unable to recognize it and process it, resulting in its influx into the blood circulation, toxifying the tissues and causing their pathological change. Signs of self-toxicity are various types of headaches, lethargy, constant fatigue, various gastrointestinal problems, continuous infections, endocrinal, circulatory and nervous system disorders.

Most people wanting to detoxify their body often resort to a temporary change in their diet, or drinking various liquid formulas, forgetting that the liver and the colon play the most important role in the process of detoxification. When one or both organs are malfunctioning, detoxification is unfeasible.

Complete detoxification of the whole body is now possible through colon hydrotherapy. It is a method of internal cleansing from toxic substances, gases, accumulated faeces and mucous plaques of fungi that weaken the body and affect the overall functioning. It is a patient -friendly and painless process that leaves a feeling of deep relief and relaxation.

The contribution of colon hydrotherapy to body and tissue detoxification is considered paramount. Its role is to restore the dull, or even non-existent, peristalsis of the bowel, resulting in food passing through the intestine more efficiently. It also contributes significantly to better functioning of blood and lymphatic circulation, rapidly increasing the time of toxin removal, while offering internal hydration and rejuvenation to the body.

In conclusion by internally cleansing the body using this method of colon hydrotherapy, effective body and tissue detoxification is achieved, ensuring correct function of the entire body and, in particular, correct intestinal function.




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