Georgios Tentzerakis was born and raised in Athens, originally from Argalasti Pelion.



  • In 1999, he completed Papastrateio Technical College as a microbiologist assistant.
  • In 2004 graduated from Physiotherapy TEI in Athens.

Parallel to his studies, he did a research project on “Evaluation of proprioception of the Hands in Musicians”.

  • In between 2005-2006, he completed his National Service in the Navy.
  • He worked in physiotherapy practices and rehabilitation centres, but his concern for the result of a substantial treatment to the problem, led him to post graduate seminars.
  • From 2009 and up to 2013, he was amongst the First Greek physiotherapists who successfully attended the MAITLAND Manual Therapy school, with professors of international reputation and students of the school's founder himself, such as Kevin Banks. 2009 was the first year that MAITLAND completed a studycourse in Greece and so those who completed the studies took the title of manual therapist. The headquarters of the faculty are at the University of Australia.

At the same time, he attended seminars of various techniques in order to improve and better the treatment. Professors of international repute who specialized in relevant fields were those who taught under the auspices of foreign federations.

  • In 2010, manual therapy of trigger point (myofascial spasms) Prof Heidi Tanno
  • In 2011, dry needling (the solution to myofascial spasms with the use of dry needling) professors Daniel Buhler and Heinz Hofer.
  • In 2011, muscular- skeletal acupuncture, Prof Chris Norris.
  • In 2012, medical taping, Prof Evangelοs Haritos (Greek osteopath who lives and in Germany).
  • In 2012, attended a course of studies for therapeutic exercise Gyrokinesis, with Prof. Arsinoe Tsakalogiannis. Gyrokinesis is considered worldwide as the ideal exercise for the improvement of spinal cord mobility and nerve tissues.
  • In November 2012, he started to attend the 5 year course of studies at the German Osteopathy School. It is the first time that Osteopathy is taught in Greece and in this study programme 21 Greek therapists are taking part. Professors and Osteopaths from all over the world are teaching in this programme.
  • In June of 2014, he attended a course at the Ackermann College in Sweden from where he attained the Ackermann Method Chiropratic certificate.
  • Parallel to his postgraduate studies and his daily work with patients, in 2012 was inspired and created along with his team the application manual therAPPist. This Application is a Greek breakthrough in the field of physiotherapy and manual therapy.
  • In early January 2015, the application was released through APPLE. Internationally renowned professors and colleges have already declared their official support.
  • In 2018 he completed the series of FDM seminars by taking the title FDM Practisioner.







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